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The last year has been challenging for all of us, and we were very sad to lose a number of our members to the pandemic. We are a volunteer run community. We appreciate the support of our new Administrative Council, the Cabinet, and our many volunteers. Thanks to their enthusiasm and ideas, we have a bright future. If you would like to volunteer, or are interested in supporting Neopoet through a premium membership, please let us know, or reach out to any of our volunteers, or visit and Thank you for being the best family of poets on the internet!


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K.S Snow, a member of Neopoet for two months has this to say about his experience with our community.

My experience in Neopoet has been amazing. I've learned a lot about poetry writing so far, and the people have been so helpful. Neopoet helps me consider the idea of being a professional writer one day because the website allows me to publicly post and communicate with other talented writers without asking for anything back. The website itself is organized and offers a variety of opportunities to improve and participate in poetry writing (like the chat, comment, and contest feature). Lastly, Neopoet's mentor/mentee feature is amazing because it shows that anyone can seek help, and capable writers can assist others.
Before Neopoet, I never really paid attention to the structure of my poetry because I genuinely didn't think it mattered. However, the writers commented and helped me understand that. I have never really received that much helpful criticism before. Another thing that I learned is that general poetry has a distinct style and that sometimes punctuation doesn't always matter. You can write what you desire, and the writing rules don't always loom over the prose. Finally, I learned techniques like finding a comfortable length and counting the syllables to create an example for the rest of the lines in a poem. This technique is for structuring a poem ( learned it from Mark).
One of the main reasons why I joined Neopoet was for the comments and opinions of others. I truly wanted to know what people thought about my writing. Something that the people in Neopoet have truly changed for me is that they alleviated my fear of receiving criticism. Thankfully, I have not come across anyone rude or demeaning, and it's made me feel welcomed. Another way people have helped me here is by making me feel accepted. I'd say my writing is dark. However, I don't feel judged, and I don't feel weird or uncommon. This encourages me to write more, and I love it. Everyone that I have come across just has been pleasant and helpful, and it is to the point that I get excited when I see that I have received a new message/update.

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And Here It Is!
Wilde Night in the life
Staring across the tension tight space
me from the door
wondering how fast a draw
how many shots
will I make it across the floor
A maniac is laughing
in the bathroom
advising in a pitched bozo voice
"It's time to grow up kids"
gotta expect that from a lunatic
yeah just grow up and quit......
sounds quite a bit
like a wife I had
and painful slow suicide
waiting gets intense
cracking like an electric charge
now poised, frozen
on the edge of a trance
long, dark and black
the moment tightly wound
the feeling tightly wrapped
the question of this space and time
when will the tuning go too far
and cause the string to snap
killing off the parrot in the corner
and making everybody laugh
Congratulations to atorn

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