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Poetry, Contests, Challenges, Workshop and more.. is all about poetry and working to improve the craft that you have become so fond of. Any and all members help in this process by displaying their poetry and understanding the comments on them as opinion and taking what means to them and adding those opinions as tools into their toolboxes.
Likewise all members are relied upon to study poetry presented and form opinions for their fellow poets.
That is the Neopoet Workshop as a website.

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This month’s contest is to write about your alter ego or what you believe it to be.
Here are the parameters:
Neopoet Challenge 3 is underway follow this link to know more :
Below is a random sample of a challenge poem.
Simon chose the challenge When I Am Old (from the April Challenge)
Good health seems to be a gift
And a blessing for old age
When one enjoy his labor
as gray hair covers his body
When I am old
I will reside in my prefere village
And have animal farms
Watch them run scattered as they multiply
And gather them back
I will have my grand children
Call them together as stories and riddles
Gives sweet melodies
And they listen
While my childhood be rememberd
As I watch them play.
When I am old
I'll love to teach my grandies
And other children about the nature
Discover their gifts and talents
I'll teach them greatness
For its about helping others grow
Seeing them with wisdom and pure heart
I will get me closer to God
Wait for my dying day
When I am old.
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Here is the way to know or understand contests and challenges in general:

The winner of the April 2021 Neopoet Poetry Contest is Viviana Smith..
Here is Viviana’s winning entry:
This one lovely day
by; Viviana Smith
When a crisp wind blows through the blue
and flings my hair up to kiss my face
it brings the smell of salt, and a faint memory too
the ocean sprayed its tangy taste
but its smell was syrupy sweet
I had laid my head on my beautiful boy
smelling his sweaty scent
though it was brackish it was somehow comforting
just like the ocean's breeze
I ran my hand through his luscious hair
bringing wondrous and curious scents
There was the slight smell of the juiciest oranges
and a grimy wift of dirt
it also brought that pleasant scent
that one can never describe
it makes you feel just full of love
like you could spread your wings and fly
but I snuggle down into my lovable dog
and into dreams of his wonderful aroma
and everytime I smell the ocean sweet but salty scent
I think back to that lovely day
when the smells of my love brought me sleep

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Random Challenge 2 is closed and there were many entries.
You can check out the parameters here:
Entrants and entries were:
A CARRIAGE RIDE - John Lars Zwerenz
A Honey Smelling Petal - Viviana Smith
the mind of peace - Ambrose Gibbs
HER MAJESTY - John Lars Zwerenz
WHEN I AM OLD (challenge contest) - scribbler
When I Am Old... [Random Challenge 2] - Geezer
Paradise - John Lars Zwerenz
I Will Show You - Mark
Next Time I Take A Taxi... [Random Challenge 2] - Geezer
I WILL SHOW YOU (The promises of parents) - Simon
Indomie (My love affair with junk foods) - Chiori
WHEN I AM OLD (April contest) - Simon
When am old I will laugh - Chiori
When I am Old - ImageWeaver
Poetry - John Lars Zwerenz
Damnation - John Lars Zwerenz
I will show you( chalenge#2) - c lynn brooks

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