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The Neopoet

We have a new workshop taking members. Scribbler has started Narrative Poetry and it is expected to continue for 30 days once fully opened on April 17. Here is the link to this workshop’s parameters:
Michael Anthony will be coming from the AC to moderate this workshop.

Be it the change of season or coming to the end of the Pandemic or both. New Memberships have slowed down and this is usually temporary so tell your family and friends (and adversaries) lol about Neopoet.
Rula, Geezer and Mark continue to do a fine job in the greeting department.

The Cabinet continues to look for members with the right attributes for becoming advocates. Know anyone with a great attitude send us that members profile address.

Paul, Mark and Rula continue to manage social media. Social media has toned down a bit as a focus comes to our Facebook group and Instagram accounts. Please visit us there as well.

Come and join our April Competition called: “What Does That Smell Like”
Find the parameters here:
Our Random Challenge 2 is underway. Here it is and have some fun:
The winner of our March competition is Scribbler for his entry:
Please stop by, have a read and ,leave a comment.
Here are the March competition parameters:
Please see our new About contests page under the Contest tab here:
Prizes and awards can be found there.

Chat will not be active with an ADMIN host or a few weeks but it will be open 24/7

Our site has been going through some administration changes please see the Official Positions List:

We apologize for the short length of this newsletter.
As you can see by the OPL we are stretched this month.

The change most of you have been hearing about is upon us. Exciting times for Neopoet are near.

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