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The Neopoet

The election for the 27th Administrative Council is underway.
Any member may cast their votes and any new member may as well.
The members below have been nominated by the general membership and desire to have a seat on the AC. Only the 3 with the most votes will qualify to be seated on the AC.
Ray Whitaker
Michael Anthony
Alan S Jeeves
The election will continue until Saturday, March 6th (5 pm Eastern Time).
You may view the voting guide (and candidates may update their responses) here:

There is a workshop on rhyme patterns getting underway. Scribbler will be hosting it.
Stop in and check t out f you will here:

The guides have been working hard with an influx of new members.

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Don’t forget our poetry contest this month. There are no rules, just nothing explicit!

Chat is hosted every Saturday night at 8 PM eastern USA time.
Geezer is your host.
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