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01/28/21 Neopoet Bulletin

Nominations for the Administrative Council will begin soon. Any member may nominate another member or themself to run for the AC. Any nominee must accept a nomination in order to be on the AC election ballot. Please be aware of the site news block as that is where the final notice for nominations will be posted.

Neopoet staff will be pleased to have you in Live Chat. Open 24/7 meet with other Neopoets and plan co-writing poetry. The room is hosted on Thursdays from 3:30 to 4:30 PM eastern USA time and is for discussion of all subjects. So, bring a snack and a friend and enjoy.

There is about to be a change in the workshop application process. There will be an onsite application filled out by the workshop leader/applicant who must have been active on site for three months and the application mailed to the cabinet. The Cabinet will work alongside the workshop leader to assist as needed. This new procedure will be in place soon.

The selected poem for this Neopoet issue is:
The Other End of the Table by; Lavender
It is harshly distant -
as if looking over an unearthed field
stretched out beneath a thin, gray sky.
There is your chair,
your aura timely wrapped
around the wood, the frame,
the scratches in the paint.
I pass the evening with a slice of toast,
one small potato -
reflections of things that are only
part of something else,
something once whole.
There is a meaningless
silence out the window,
and I stand to take my dishes to the sink.
Approaching thunder rumbles
as I turn to touch your chair,
as I've done each night before.
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Hi L, it's always a pleasure
Hi L, it's always a pleasure to return here. Yes, I understand about the "triggering" of emotions. Yes, our Summer is lovely, slightly on the fresh side. Today 20°C. Glad your Winter is mild.
My Muse seems to have taken a holiday since I had my fall about a month or so ago. The good news is that I'm much better. I have a physiotherapist who comes to my home and she's getting me back "on my feet"
I certainly hope to get inspired again. Some days I don't know what to do with myself, so that should get me going. But lots of people are feeling low in lockdown for so long. How are you faring? With all the bad news on TV, I try not to watch it any more.
Keep safe, hugs, Gracy
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