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I am pleased to have been invited to contribute a few words to this edition of the Neopoet Newsletter. The topic which I have chosen to focus on is the opportunity for all Neo members to join the elite here and become a Premium Member. The advantages of Premium membership are considerable therefore, instead of my outlining them here, I would like to draw everyone's attention to the Premier page.
One particular advantage of Premium membership, though, is the fun time I enjoyed a while back with one of my many Neo-friends. A Premium member is entitled to invite a fellow member (Premium or Standard) to co-author a poem. This concept is great fun and the piece I was kindly invited to participate in can be seen here
We both loved the transatlantic to-ing and fro-ing during the composition of the piece, before it was finally completed. I hope that many of you will take a look at Premium membership and all the good things that it can bring to enhance your poetry writing.
Kind regards on behalf of your A/C and at your service, Alan

Let’s all join in congratulating Thalassa Brytaye
Thalassa won the October 2020 poetry contest with her poem:
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The Hidden Hell In Me
Within my Muse’s back bedroom there stands a bed and chair,
A table and a lampstand – paper scattered everywhere.
And in the darkest corner, so as to be no eyesore,
There looms the shadowed outline of my Muse’s closet door.
Behind that door, wrapped up in night, fester my old regrets,
My pains, sorrows, bitternesses – that’s where it all collects.
So when, at night, my Muse unlocks and opens wide that door,
The messes of my twisted mind spill out across the floor.
The sticks and stones that broke my bones, the beasts that claw my heart,
The shards of unforgotten wrongs – each sharp and shattered part
Pour out to rage around the room, filling the air with screams,
Filling my Muse with bitterness that blights the brightest dreams.
And there, at night, in that back room, my Muse sits down to write
The rages, terrors, sorrows of my closet’s hidden night.
But ‘fore the sun rises, the beasts and sticks and shards and stones,
Are herded back into the dark with low and frightened moans.
For never could my Muse allow the waking world to see
This inner room of demons dance – the Hell hidden in me.
What terror would my family have, my friends, acquaintances,
If I opened the closet door to show my madnessess?
No, little door with darkened face all streak by blood and ink,
I will not ope’ you to the world, nor show them what I think.

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Highlighted Critique
Critique to Cold Orange Leaves
The feel...
that I get from this work, is of surprise! Surprised? I think not. I see this as a chronological poem. One that follows a set of circumstance to a conclusion. I've read it all, though it was rather longish and I feel that the ending is still being written. I get that you never felt that you had control and that your newly awakened passion for "the voice" has taken you on a journey that you didn't expect. Congratulations on your entrance to reality. Love sometimes feels like a bolt of lightning from the sky, believe it or not, this is a journey that will take you on the wildest ride of your life! Now, for the critique!
Although I applaud the originality of your poem, I must tell you that the parameters outlined in the syllabus, state that the poem should be between 12 and 32 lines long. Syllabus, what is that? That is the rules that govern the contest. Please, do finish the poem and let it run to the conclusion. I will be very disappointed if I do not find out the ending! My only complaint is that you feel compelled to write by the rules and use far too many commas and periods. Toss them! Use your punctuation sparingly or not at all in this work. It is permissible and makes it so much easier to read. Look around and read some of the other works here. I think you will see what I mean. ~ Geezer.

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