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The Neopoet


Message from The Administrative Council

The current (26th.) Neopoet AC has been privileged to be able to work alongside the Trustees and Cabinet of a wonderful poetry workshop site providing a great learning opportunity for all poets, established or new.

We can assure members that, during our administration, we have worked hard to help make Neopoet a strong, safe, and fun place to be and we shall strive to create a better environment for all.

We particularly welcome new members into the fold and truly hope that you are all finding Neo an enlightening experience. We are proud to be a transatlantic council although, should you need our help, we are only a click away. Stop by and say "hello" any time.


Neopoet Welcomes Our New Advocates

cathy mccormick




Neopoet’s New Active Members

Our guide department has been working hard to welcome our newest active members as we list them below. Feel free to comment on their work and make them feel part of our awesome community!


May 2020 Contest Winner


Congratulations to the winner: Teddy15
Please visit the winning poem here:


June Contest 2020 Announcement


Come make us laugh with one of your poems for this month's contest!
Any type poetry that ranges from 12 to 32 lines.
For more information please visit:


New Member Poetry Contest

Authors must be site members for 30 days or less.

Write a poem using the following as a prompt:

A Fresh Start

For more information click on:


Workshops At Neopoet

The Title Workshop is underway with Scribbler leading it.  There is room for more participants, but new participants will need to catch up.  The workshop will run to June 30.  It currently stands at 40 comments and 240 reads.  Do stop in and have a look around.


Social Media

Please help social media by ticking the check box bottom of the submission form allowing the social media group to display your submissions or in part on our platforms below.  Also feel free to have a look at what we are up to on those platforms which are mainly used for advertisement purposes.


Neopoet Chat

The Chat Committee has been keeping the Live Chat in order.  They would appreciate any help in the way of Moderators.  Do you have a pleasant personality?  Can you keep conversations going?  Perhaps you would like to volunteer as a member of the Chat Department.  Contact [email protected] if you would like to know more. You can also reach chat on neopoet by private message at Neopoet Chat. Live Chat is open 24/7 so come in with friends to mix and mingle.  Keep an eye on the site news and calendar for scheduled events. Chat is a member only feature so if you would like to bring a friend then help your friend register for a Neopoet account. Membership is free!


We hope you have enjoyed our first issue of the new newsletter department. We consider your input essential in making sure our newsletter is informative and fun! Feel free to email us at [email protected] with your feedback.

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