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Neopoet Weekly 06 05 2020

Neopoet Weekly 

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New Member’s Mention 

Our new member mention is from Irenicus.

Here is her first submission on Neopoet:






There was a cliff, where we first met.

Below, perpetual waves crashed

At sunset, we watched the fishermen

return in dinghies.


She told me she was here for the moon

when the moon came out, she said

it looked like a rabbit's tummy

with the stars decorated as ears

and legs. I anticipated the pattern

and nodded happily.


We shared our stories under the

starlit night, there was a moment

of closeness in the air. That day,

my life changed forever.


Half-a- century followed...


Today she left me.

Her final breath fell with

a sigh. By her side, there

were numerous pictures of rabbits

she'd been asking me for days

If I could recall anything seeing them.

I was left clueless...



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