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January 21, 2019

Neopoet Weekly

Community News

Neopoet Referendum #7 - The Lab

The AC has called for a referendum --

Neopoet Referendum No. 7

Do you agree with the following proposal?
We will create a unique workshop called "The Lab" in accordance with the community discussion ( Submissions to "The Lab" would have special visibility in The Stream and elsewhere. Submissions would be restricted, both by how often a member can post, and on the basis of credits, which are earned by posting quality comments. More detail is available in the community discussion page (linked to previously). 
This initative, if ratified, may take several months to implement.
This referendum will start in the evening of January 21st and run through Saturday, February 9th (midnight Eastern Time).

Active workshops

Poets first poems

Description: Post your first ever or earliest poem

Leader: Jess (weirdelf)
Moderator(s): Wesley

Objectives: Just for curiosity, to see where we've come from.

Level of expertise: Open to all

Subject matter: Most of these poems will be polished or not actively editing. This is not really a workshop but more 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours' of our earliest works.

Most important:- Remember when posting your first poem to scroll down to 'Workshop' dropdown and select 'Poets first poems'.

Fri, 06/23/2017 to Tue, 06/23/2020

Most active poems


I see those rows, all of those rows
of white on verdant fields of green
there where scattered hardwood grows.
Men who saw what I've never seen.

When seeing them dark doubts assail me.
Have I earned what heroes gave,
those resting here eternally
below white stones in their deep grave.

They gave their all that I might live
in a country strong and free.
I was never called to give.
How might such warriors view me?

ROSES IN BLOOM (Contest: Changed Perspective)

I feel myself begin to dream
of all the friends who’ve come and been.
So many of them still alive
within the corners of my shadowed mind.

The relatives crowd in there too
as if the afterlife has nothing much to do.
Many are unknown to me
Just names in our troubled family history.

All surround me with their voices
Reminding me of all my poor choices.
And in my secret darkest heart
I know that their deaths played their part.


Active contests

Changed Perspective

Description:Lets write in any form about how changing perspective from past to future can change our mood. Try to keep it under 30 lines

Sponsor(s):scribbler, Geezer

Objectives:Just to have fun in a lightly competitive environment

Subject matter:How changing our thoughts from the past to the future can affect our thinking

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