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May 2020 Contest Announcement

Earth Day is an important part of the year.
Write a poem that relates to the earth or the climate.
The poem must be between 25-30 lines, anything over 32 will be eliminated.
Best of luck to all our members!
Remember to have fun and stay safe during these tough times.


The force unfolds 

greater things will be told

mountains hit the edge of space 

oceans sink past the worlds core

melting the soul stopping the spins 

a pebble once again

time frozen flying so high 

all is blue black light soon

ending life’s air supply 

restarting creation 

a better life will rome

humans no more 

its awake 

age of the Blakins begin

to show the universe 

this is our milky way 

dark matter will shake 

black holes open pours 

infinite energy for us to take 

bending space and stars ours forever 

your too late 


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