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June Contest 2017

Historical Figures
Sponsors: scribbler and Geezer
Status: Open to new participants
Start/end date: Tuesday, June 6, 2017 to Thursday, July 27, 2017
Description: A free verse poem not to exceed 28 lines (not counting stanza breaks) about somebody who changed history

Judge(s): anonymous
Objectives: to have fun and stretch wings
Subject matter:Historical figures

Paul, AC Chair
Keith Logan


One fine day
around the year one or two
(though it was not called that, then)
a male child was born, they named him Jesus
(at least that’s the modern equivalent).

By all accounts he was a happy child,
inclined to be a bit studious
but what is wrong with that?

He trained to be a carpenter,
which came in handy much later
when he had to join two timbers into a T
which had to carry his weight.

Unlettered was a description some gave but my he could spin a good yarn.
Not just any old tale but moral narratives that slid into memory.
I mean, man he could tell a story.

He was a good man, a kind man, even children were drawn to him.
You would believe none could take offense!
But some did!
My, didn’t they just!

Long story - short
They hung him up on that T to die.
Not the Jewish way. They only hung up the dead
and only then till dusk.

Keith Logan
the happy chappy

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