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d e s u l t o r y

ere be the empty limbed coiffure
the svelte verbage
spilled and crackling in the storm

the lingering vibratto
whirled with tempestual doubt
the dark winged sorrow
tinged with rain
burdned and striving
to lift before
the hearts deluge

Editing stage: 


That the mind is sharp
It needs a place to rest,
Here you have taken even the physical being away.
There stands a spirit devoid of all feelings
Yet assuming that the hearts deluge will fill the void
The void is eternal
There the Spirit will be one with all
Even the heart becomes obsolete.
Someone left handed has just shaken the thoughts
Let them lay until you can see
Know when you are with them
But beware that you return safe.
The warm fire beckons my thoughts,
To rest awhile with those of like minds.
Yours as always Ian .T
PS:- I may have to edit this comment ???

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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