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Portait Of Judith

Slowly I take my pencil and draw
the first lines of her sweet face
Little by little, she begins to take form
I sketch in her eyes, and they now speak to me

I begin to talk with her as I work
"There you are, Judith"
She is becoming real to me
Nearly alive again, but forever still

For I cannot recreate her soul
I must get this one just right
Her Mother awaits to see her again
The child she has not seen since the day

that death cruelly took her away
I take my time to create her portrait
Unsure if my efforts will cause
pain, or bring comfort to the mother

who still grieves

Last few words: 
A poem for Judith killed in an accident, just a few months ago.
Editing stage: 


sad but lovely much enjoyed sue b x

Sueb. I am really dragging my feet on this portrait. Sarting to feel guilty. Need to finish it.


He who conquers self , has won a great battle

author comment

you'll get there your dragging your feet cos it means so much sueb x

This gift of art like the gift of poetry
an aperature of a window
to souls..the views..feelings
like a spiritual blessing
or a magic with powers
to ease or comfort

I remember the pet paintings
the sketchs and how people cried
happy to have a likeness
the memories of life

of a moment
a brother
a father
a daughter
a mother

and friend...

Thank You!

For your kind words, glad to hear from you.


He who conquers self , has won a great battle

author comment
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