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The Christmas Box. (revised for 2011)

Snow hadn’t fallen overnight, but a heavy frost had covered the ground
and in the morning, a little boy ran downstairs in his dressing gown.
He could see the tree lights, as he skipped his way down the hall
it was Christmas day, many years ago; Father Christmas had made his call.
And there under the Christmas tree, was a rather large cardboard box
full of carefully wrapped presents of toys, sweets and new football socks.

The best present waiting for him was a Hornby Electric Train
and there was an Airfix kit for him to build a model aeroplane.
Also there was a cowboy hat, with a holster and toy silver gun
and some new Dinky Toy cars, which would give him a lot of fun.
It was certainly to be a time for him, to play and play all day,
so when the Queen’s speech came on, he just had to sneak away.

He went into another room and saw the large cardboard box
taking off his shoes he climbed into it, wearing his football socks.
In his mind he was in a boat, sailing the southern seas
looking at the stars in a foreign sky, sails flapping in the breeze.
He played for hours in his boat; it brought him so much joy
a cardboard box turned out to be, his favourite Christmas toy!

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
Editing stage: 


Hi Kelsey, Thanks for the comments. I don't adobt a particular style, I just like to write my own way. I prefer to write in rhyme and hopefully I try to do it as well as possible and I write from the heart. That's it really, but it's the only way I can work.
Take care,

author comment

An enjoyable poem of the beat gift : an active imagination! Did you consider splitting each line into 2 lines and arranging them into 4 line stanzas? just curious...........stan

Thank you Stan, this is my reflection on what christmas was like when I was a boy. Yes I did have a bash at 4 line verses, but it seemed to lack something.
All the best, Tim

author comment

I absolute adore this poem, Timbo. It's so real. I have no critique and don't quite understand why Stan would want to make rhyming poems look the same.


Hi Kailashana, thanks for dropping by and commenting again. It means a lot to me.
Take care,

author comment
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