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Vivacious: Libra Gal

Vivacious: Libra Gal

You are the one to allure,
Attract, appeal and amaze,
You grab attention of all,
Beautifully and bubbling
You are indeed charming,
Credible as per you, not me,
Congenial too as per you
You catch the eye
Of excellent folks
Who vie for you?
Exquisite, extraordinary is
Your elegant and energetic style,
I gape all my while.
Fantastic and fabulous,
Funny fabulous and friendly too,
Full of life are you.

Gorgeous by George,
Good looking, glamorous,
Great and glittering wow,
Good natured,
A head turner
For all to see your way
Humourous you are
That I can say,
Influential and impressive
You ought to be,
A gal of some one

Lovely, yes likeable perhaps,
Marvellously neat,
Prominently pleasing,
Remarkable too
Are surely you.

Sweet, striking, shining and smart,
Stunningly superb thou art.
Sparklingly white teeth,
Stylishly dressed too
Must be Lia you?

Wow tempting,
Terrific, tremendous too
Unbeatable say are you,
Well groomed, witty we all hope
My youngest gal friend,
Perhaps are you,
Wonderful, just wonderful
My dear are you.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


as long as you hold my poetic hand
i shall read you and compose for u

also do read a more wonderful one
somehow you slipped it
it is


HOWZ the prep for willys marriage going on poetry wise and urs too.


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