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I did it myself

I feel terrible at times
Anxious, uptight, full of panic
Causing terrible thoughts

Family, friends and fellow workers
Try their best to encourage me
Giving me hugs and prayers

I listen to their remedies
I appreciate all their thoughts
I feel special with their prayers

No matter how much my friends suggest
I come to the realization that I
Can only succeed by understanding my feelings

It is only I who can fix how I feel
It is I who can make each day a success
Only if I did it myself

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The below is a computer generated response from Neo, Neopoet's computer artificial intelligence:

The poem "I did it myself" explores the idea of self-reliance and personal responsibility when dealing with difficult emotions. The speaker expresses their struggles with anxiety and panic, acknowledging the support they receive from their loved ones but ultimately recognizing that they must take control of their own emotions. The repetition of "I" throughout the last stanza emphasizes the importance of individual agency in achieving success.

One line edit that could enhance the poem's flow and clarity is to change "Causing terrible thoughts" to "Causing worrisome thoughts" to maintain the tone of the poem while using more precise language.

Overall, the poem effectively conveys a message of empowerment and self-determination. However, the language and structure could benefit from a little more variation and depth to further engage the reader. Perhaps incorporating more sensory details or imagery could help bring the emotions to life and create a stronger emotional impact.

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you did well in expressing the anxiety and [worrisome] thoughts! I'm sure that your plain language and the mood of your piece
gets through to the reader. I agree that you might have made more of an impact by using more descriptive language, but I think that will come to you as you progress as a poet. You have the basics down, read more poetry and look for the things that give you visuals, things that help you see the scenes. If you are able to incorporate those things in your work, it will help immensely. Keep on writing, you've got this. ~ Geezer.

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author comment

Anxiety can be such a thief of joy and you did a great job of expressing all the feelings that go with it. It is often hard to believe what positive things others are telling us when our mind says something totally different. Great job!


Thank you for reading and commenting. Any help is appreciated, don’t hesitate offering help or improvement.

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