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Too good to be true

Told we can live our lives with dignity
And freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression
But we are involved in a scheme of malignity
A scheme that no one dares to question

How could they have devised such a perfect mass murderer
Frightened and intimidated fools they've turned us into
Deceived into voluntarily getting killed by the slaughterer
Turns out the vaccine was too good to be true

The nation was deceived and manipulated
Death, mocked and taunted the people who were tamed
Those who were right once were scorned and hated
And the mistaken mourn for their loved ones in shame

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are a wondrous creation. I wonder if they have somewhat similar thoughts. Welcome. Be safe out there.

Thomas like my lost dreams...the flood

I see that you are a rhymer! Pretty good rhythm and it went pretty smoothly from beginning to end. Hope we see more of your work. ~ Geezer.

Comments and critique are vital to this site!
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of a word is wrong, take the time to write a line or two
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I have to ask which country are you referring to in your piece?

Nice piece, more needs to be written about the current calamity, IMHO.

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