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Another miracle might happen

Who says miracles never happen? Who?
Who says they are just for the privileged few?
Believe me when I tell you I met an angel
And it was just like a real fairy tale.

With her wings of love and friendship,
Maybe she came down from the blue sky up above,
Bringing the best of both heaven and earth;
And the light of innocence shone with love.

I am thankful she came into my life that day,
But I failed to recognise the need for trust;
And her warm smile made me come alive
But I threw it away and my life fell into dust.

So maybe one day life will be worth living again
And maybe another miracle will be given to me.
The next time I shall not be the idiot that I was,
Always striving for more than anyone can hope for..

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busily humming along with your irregular rhyme scheme and wham! I was hit with the ending of your poem. It makes sense, I like the thought, but it just doesn't rhyme! How about seeing what you can do to fix it? ~ Geez.

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Just my opinion.

I like the piece a lot. well written,

I agree with Geezer above...

However don't like the word idiot in there. You are writing about an intelligent person in the piece.

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Dear Geezer & Ray
Thank you for your comments.

PS I don't do rhyme!
Not usually anyway.

author comment

I'm going to have a crack at this even though you put as a polished draft. I totally agree with Ray (idiot) is totally out of the theme. I challenge you to make this a timeless poem
I adore angel poems and this is just beautiful in the sense its as much about an Angel as it is about any women. You have given such beauty to her. May I say look at it without the entire last stanza. You might suprise yourself to see how different it can sound. Take care and Happy New Year.

Thank you...Teddy

Hi, Dandini,
I've read this over a few times - there is some regret here, but much more sincere and gracious affection.
Thank you,

It was a miracle which saved my life years ago when I was in a very dark place. Perhaps you Will receive yet another one

Sorry to over whelm you this evening but I also see a different title it would be something like

Miracles And Me

I hope you don't mind me lending my thoughts like I said I like this work a lot.

Thank you...Teddy

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