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The Secret Behind Mona Lisa’s Smile

Mona Lisa, Mona Lisa,
kisses are like stars; so they say.
Oh, your clamped down lips are tempting—
but, why would I wish to kiss you
and, by chance, touch those concealed
crumbling, pearly . . . whites?

La Giaconda, La Giaconda! tsk, tsk, tsk;
me thinks—perhaps your locked lips
mask centuries of neglected dental hygiene?
Open wide, or I shall tickle you and draw
a toothless laugh. Tickle, tickle . . . . Giggle, giggle . . . .

See? You burst out laughing and reveal
the secret behind your mysterious mien!
As lover of the arts I do adore you,
but my tongue would revolt—
should it touch those jagged “Ruins
of Athens” behind your enigmatic smile.

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Oh you did it now! So what a hoot. I too wonder what behind the smile, but sir, strange as it may sound I have a question! Did you mean Pearly whites? The pearl gate is for heaven isn't it? Just wondering. (Cheesy grin now)

Thank you...Teddy

those pearly gates lead to the stomach as I see it, but "Pearly whites" reads better.
Bad teeth and gingivitis go hand in hand ... I mean,"decaying teeth" and gingivitis go together in cowboy circles even yet. I will write a poem about that. Please, wipe that "Cheesy" grin off yern face, signora, lol. Thank you for reading, dear lady. Yours,

author comment

mona lisa has a suspect smile, i wish we knew what her teeth were really like, maybe bugs bunny?

Thank you...Teddy

anytime a pretty woman clamps her teeth together like old Liz--yeah, you can expect the unexpected. Oh--maybe her bite was jut a wee bit off--or--as you suggested, her teeth were like Bugs Bunny's? Poor girl. Ain't we glad you and I are perfect? Bye for now, Cheery Jerry (lol)

author comment

Dear Jerry, what a laugh! You really make me Teddy has said it all, including the Bugs Bunny teeth. Everything else is perfect, title, spacing, hilarious content. I'll return, one needs a good laugh these days.
All the best, Sir. Jerry, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

yeah, "What's up, Doc?" Everyone wants to be a comedian (including Teddy, lol). Well, I don't mind sharing the stage with her, but If you all start throwing money onto the stage I'll get first dibs. Hey, Gracy; I'm watching "Vikings" right now. They have funny haircuts. I might get me one of those, but no shave. Thank you, Gracy.

author comment
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