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April Contest Announcement

This month's contest asks the members to post their best poem from your history on Neopoet.
Maximum amount of lines is 24.
Go dig in and don't forget to have fun doing it.
Stay safe in these tough times.
Select the proper contest!


Contest results
I was told that I had won the January contest, was there a prize for doing so, I think I have over the years won four contests.
An arrow head was one prize this I received,

The second was $25 tried to receive it but it disappeared as it goes to Amazon USA.

The third one I did manage to claim and used it to send things to an American friend.

January There has been no notification of any prize so have you stopped this year ???

Please let me know as it will save a lot of computer time searching.
Yours as always Ian T (Sparrow )

Words can build a nation

one fully clear FIRST NO PRIZE

So don't worry
25 dollars meat my dog eats weekly

Congratulations on winning. Sorry, but I think I missed the voting, or who decides? I suppose it's one judge. At Babilu we have a system whereby everybody votes. A poll is set up for that purpose. The first three go to IBPC each month. I like that way better, it's more democratic!
I'm often nominated, but only got a second and an H.M. at IBPC.
Congrats again, will search to see which poem was your winner.

"The very existence of libraries affords the best evidence that we may yet have hope for the future of man." T.S. Eliot, from The Wasteland.

volunteer judge decides the monthly winner. A different judge each month. The contest director and co-director recruits the judges. It is possible that the one in charge of notifying the anonymous prize donor failed to do so. I am checking into this and will get this taken care of. As Contest Director the buck stops with ME and I apologize for whatever happened. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.....stan PS we once had a similar thing here at neo where people were voted for recognition. It became more a popularity contest than a recognition of merit and was abandoned.

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