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July Contest Results

Congratulations to the winner: Sparrow42
This month we have an honorable mention: B9Pat

Thank you to all participants for entering this past contest and all contests.


Many thanks for the honour of being first in the July contest.
I usually write freely so this indeed was a challenge.
My thanks go out to Jess for pushing me into some resemblance of poetic form,
Though I still cant remember the name of the form something to do with Pentagrams ??
Great to be part of such a learning circle,
Yours Sparrow..

Words can build a nation

glad you beat me
and finally made it

What are you talking about, I have won an Arrowhead and this is the third $25 I have won here, I have to spend the money in the USA but I will gift it to one of our friends there lol. You know I always love the cruises for second prize and have been to many lovely places lol.
Take care out there us old ones must go out and find young ones to replace us, Yours Ian

Words can build a nation

I am honored to receive your honorable mention. You don't know how much it was appreciated. This was fun for me like a child playing. Sparrow 42 had a great poem and I congratulate him.


This one was hard and lovely for you to be there with me on the podium.
Congrats for your memories and joyous July, Take care and we all walk the same pathway, Yours Ian x

Words can build a nation

Many thanks and I hope more of us join in the next competition.
This one was extra hard for me, to have to stick to the 5 syllables per line and still make something flow. We will see what the next one brings out.
Yours as always Ian ..

Words can build a nation

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