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Into legend she strides.

Green fronds of life
adorn a sacred shroud,
laid in the silken bed
you nearly convey life

A golden cup is passed
trembling breath its shine
masters drink from a red lip
all shivering at the gods wine

Men in long cotton suits
admire your swoop and sway,
A lady cheers your passing
venom stuck in her teeth

Your coat slips down long legs
groomed, glimmer and glamour
Always on top, even retired
you slayed them all in a blink

into a field of frolic and legend
long strides finally free of reign,
Galloping fun, bucking your hips
Oh rejoice in the almighty, Winx.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Last few words: 
Winx is a retired champion Australian Thoroughbred racehorse. Between May 2015 and her retirement in April 2019, she won 33 consecutive races including 25 Group 1s, at distances ranging from 1300 metres to 2200 metres. I was a little cheeky with this one. Thought I'd better provide the background and who Winx was. I loved horse riding it's something I always enjoyed. But I cant anymore so I admire from afar.
Editing stage: 


you explained this one! I had in mind that it was some sex-goddess from Aussie films or T.V. [I guess that it might have been the venom in her teeth!] LoL. I was particularly intrigued by the swoop and sway, that is what you see when they pass by on the way to or from the track. Nice work! ~ Gee.

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God I dont know what got into me. Lol thought I'd be a bit cheeky and write something? Well different. She is a beautiful horse I wish I could show you here. Shes something special. Shes broken so many records. There will never be another Winx.

In my youth my father ran the bar at the local racetrack to raise money for his beloved Rotary club. I used to love going with him. I'd pick up the glasses and the punters would say what a good girl I was helping my Daddy and by the end of the day I'd have a pocket full of cash. I remember one time I loved a particular horse and had watched him race a few times. This saturday I had 50 cents and I so wished I could put it on this particular horse. Well a bookie who knew me from the bar and I had a discussion i told him that this horse would win. He laughed it off and said not a chance. But then totally breaking the law took my 50c. My horse won and from then on he'd ask me my prediction for that weekends races lol. My 50c earnt me around $30-40. Ive never been a gambler ever i dont gamble on horses etc or play poker machines any of it. But every Melbourne Cup day I have a little flutter.

God I've rambled its 4am down here lol

Love and higgliest bugs Sis xxx

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

author comment

We live in the Northeast; where we have Saratoga Race Track and many famous horses have come here. Along with many famous jockeys. Saratoga is about 1/2 hr. from here. The season is about ready to start and celebrities from all over the world come here to show off. LoL Love to watch the horses run, they are really beautiful. Love and higgest bugs, ~ Gee.

When you are writing for the Random Challenge!
Example: "I Need To Recharge" is prompt.
title is "Plugging In" It should appear this way:
"Plugging In" - Random Challenge/ I Need To Recharge

beautiful to remember a racehorse in a poem. animals are by far nobler beasts than humans.

Your love for the horse shines through.
And I'm fascinated by your story about your dad and betting as a kid, in the comments. You know me, I love storytelling!
Could be an interesting poem there, Oz Lady.

Respectfully, Jim

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