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Grumpy Old Man (February Contest)

It looks to them that nothing is wrong
That’s what they say to me, each day long
Do I hate them for their lack of feeling?
Or shall I limp away to stop the tingling.

I know why I sit very still in my chair
It looks to them, that nothing is wrong
It stops the pain if I just rest, and do not move
What do they know when I sleep and snore.

Sleep is a blessing it stops things, nothing more.
Even dreams of being young don’t even the score
It looks to them that nothing is wrong.
The reaper beckons he knows I am sore.

I told her in doors of some of my pain
She said “I feel it more, yours is not the same”
Damn is there no-one out there this pain to tame
It looks to them that nothing is wrong

I move away from verse so true, to tell my story
Of from morning's light to evening's glow
It is a fight of pain, but on we must go,
I should have been an actor you know.

I turn to grimace at my first task of the day.
Socks to put on and I have to bend just so
Catch my feet, on the socks go, Oh! The pain!
Then to put on pants without getting up.

Sometimes in my shirt, or whatever I get stuck.
Now up I am and off we go to wash away the night
Damn I now have to sit again to have a shite.
But the seat is a refreshing cool item for me.

Teeth out in a pot they go, with tablet and hot water so
They will be there for three minutes or more
It depends on how much I wash and dry for sure
Then I have to clean the real ones left inside.

When I was young they were my pride and joy
Smile at the girls and make them cry.
Now woe is me they have gone astray
Only twelve left and I count them each day

Ablutions done and into our office room I go.
To talk to the world and let them know
That I am fine and quite well and hope they are to.
Never would I say that I was in a right stew.

I play the keys and lie to all, as the time has passed me by
Next month I say, I will be Seventy Seven on my birthday
The number looks like two walking sticks “77” what a fix.
I will muddle on to see the rest of the day TV calls again

Same old, same old nothing changes, want to hear more.
Bloody dog is going mad there’s someone at the door.
Press the wrong button on my chair legs fly up in the air
Damn post with circulars that mean nothing to me

The day as usual drags on, it seems that time is flying
It won’t be long before a sandwich snack comes to me
Damn bottom teeth into my pocket with stray
They will mix with the food if they had their way.

The afternoon drags its strength from my eyes,
They sag and close into sleep before I realise
I awake and wonder where I am, the TV lies
It is time for tea my programme is gone you see.

I cannot stay awake to tell you more,
Just know that the wife says I just sleep and snore
This is the answer that’s for sure.
“Who Me”?????

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Just fun lol xx
Editing stage: 


Being a grumpy old man the title drew me in lol.Let's see...Stanza 3 line 4. typo Knows.Stanza 5 line 2 typos Morning's evening's. I enjoyed this preview of what is coming quickly to Me lol......stan

The tittle got me. I thought the contest stated free verse? How come there is a meter and a rhyme scheme?


As I said half way through that I would move away from poetry true..
I move away from verse so true, to tell my story.

I may rewrite it if there is a problem but if you say it has meter and form then I will send a message to Jess he will be so pleased that I have dared write something resembling a proper poem .
I shall wait for a while to see what happens ,
Thanks for your visit, Yours Ian ..

Give critique to help keep Neopoet great.
Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

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