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for the day I ignite those even tears to calm all fears along heaven's shore
to think along Willow's Peak a calm to think a fellow preached love's lost
my mind is clearer now minus the frown stay vacant to its call the know it all
search within captivated by a smile state the ignite beloww its smell a vault
there is sweet fragrance bellow its fragrance I time well spent in thought

A tall residence from mind blown that's behind from the state of Florida
cut against the grain between heaven & Hell a great story to tell a meager yell
chosen in the immense case of pudding not to make a mistake

Today we are unleashed through the fire between heaven so swing
every day there's a brand new baby born night every captor even scorn
through each dialoge a page was turn...

avoid another sharpen scream
work together compromise through a leash bed torn
at the Southern boarder;
look to the Alabastor off its leash,

Today is the turning point toward being seen

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this is something powerful, very well written. I can see these lines being in dante's inferno

Mario Vitale

author comment

It is good, but I think it will feel better as a prose poem

Just My thoughts!


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