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Cogito ergo sum.

There is a brilliance
in the darkness --
that only the blind
will see.

There is a symphony
in the silence - -

A heaven - for me.

We are but a breeze
amidst a storm at sea,

This precarious spark,
We - - humanity.

Last few words: 
An old piece that will not go away, nor, I think, will ever be finished ! And perhaps belongs as a post script in a 1970 mills and boon novel .
Editing stage: 


How could you not draw me in
with that title ???
And the words were of no
disappointment, in fact quite
a gentle, soothing piece.

If I could offer anything of value
to this fine little poem, I'd drop
the "we" on the final line.

thanks for sharing here with us

Hello, Mr Moon. Thanks for reading and taking the time to offer up a suggestion, I will *Ahem* cogitate upon it !


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