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“Childhood only exists”
“While its innocence lives”
“In time, it is stripped away”
“By what, our invidious reasoning gives” WIZDUMBs by JA 223

When I was very young, some years before my teens
Before those wild ambitions, invaded all my dreams

I was naive, yet unafraid; my life was filled with awe
I ran and played, unperturbed, exploring things I saw

I had no needs, beyond my own; no greed had yet set in
Not then aware, that my needs, could evolve into a sin

I had no great desires, put no value, on what I lent
There was no hidden meaning, no reward, in my intent

I had no inhibitions, had not yet tasted fear
I marveled at the joys of life, which now I hold so dear

I rushed headlong thru life, and gave it not a thought
Back then, knew not life’s lessons, still needed to be taught

All of my convictions, lived free within my heart
Before my brain took hold, and tore them all apart

My innocence of reasoning, was good and sweet and pure
This loss of childlike judgement, one day I would endure

I thought not of, what I should do; back then I had no clue
Thus unafraid, tried everything, and so my knowledge grew

With each mistake, I’d try again; from each a lesson drew
Discovered life, not as it seemed, and so, would start anew

I searched for all the answers, to things I did not know
Unknowing that this knowledge; would corrupt my soul

I did not yet, discriminate; knew not that color mattered
This crystal mirror image, for me, was also shattered

My innocence preceded, all I thought and dreamed
Until I finally realized, that the world had intervened

I discovered that not always, black was black nor white is white
That sometimes right was wrong, and sometimes wrong is right

That friends do come and friends do go, but our wish, is to belong
And each of us, must prove our worth, for a friendship to be strong

That family blood; makes our bonds, much closer than the rest
In times of need, if good or bad, our family stands the test

And so my childhood ended, life’s road got in the way
The consequences of my choices, have led me to this day

A life once lived and filled, with the ease of its simplicity
Now sadly acquiesced, to its contrived, duplicity
BOEMS by JA 239

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Is a beautiful poem that perfectly describes growing up...don't we all wish we were still little children playing round the park with little care of what the world thinks?
Thanks for sharing this.

this exquisite timeless piece encompasses a deep desire & seated love for child hood.
it is embraced in such a pleasant way that the reader has to make choices for themselves.
It went by so fast so child hood for myself was but a blur but the mere notion of letting go & allowing things in resonate inside.
A real beauty even gem of a piece you ought to be proud.

Mario Vitale

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