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Written by: Mario Vitale
In columns of grain spoiled the base

Through traverse memories in equated pace
With vanquished triumph to exploit
A challenge to be free is a question in time
Every verse in the bible is an index to Jesus

Some say we our intollerant people don't like you
Yet who are they a whole pile of wood spent in trees?
Here I am Lord is it I Lord?
They have selected hearing
An indifference in the church for God hates apathy
God dislikes indifference

God dislikes indifference

Do you attract people to you ?

The desperate world came to Jesus for help
Come see a man who knew everything I have done
From a far view tangled in the wind
The world is against Christ always has been!

We tangle our wings through amother means
The strongholds have bind to lead to mend
In ardent pastures will provide yet must depend
In rich columns of grain spread abroad

Jesus is still a garden of roses to me
Just suppose we drifted away on eagles wings?
To sour for the asking in the rich basking
The stolen dress that she was masking

Shades of pine in sullen derision
In the after life we can be delivered
In columns of sequential vast secure
Shades of pine and aim to get a cause or its cure.

Editing stage: 


And I can see why.
There are plenty of prosodic errors here that could be fixed to improve the verse but I'm afraid I'm not the person you want to hear about them from.

Proselytising poetry makes me ill, regardless of which religion.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

See I wish I could write the most eloquent of poems to be on display but I can't
I can't live up to the perfect standard that its mandates.
See, I write free verse & prose I'm filled with many imperfections in my writings.
I know this but I firmly agree in life that a winner is still another loser but gets up & gives it one last try.
Will I one day see my name in lights I have faith that I will but along life's journey I will have to struggle with that one guitar string that I have been dealt.
Just like for example Andy Warhol in his soup can creation many looked down on him for that.
But little by little bit by bit out of the shadows the true artist will flourish in his or her time.
If you have faith to believe the impossible then anything can happen in this life. Just some thoughts by which to ponder. Or perhaps a heavenly call from up yonder ?

Mario Vitale

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