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Pushing Into Decline

please, cover my legs
they are stone cold
the urinal needs to be emptied’
I’ve got to go
I need fresh sheets on the recliner
where I sleep and spend the day. .. ..
this is a new existence for me,
a half life at the mercy of those
who are loving and kind.
but sometimes I think I’m losing my mind.
I was in full bloom now falling to the ground/

Editing stage: 


Where U Live...I got my edge
even though Im able
one day may not be so

was watching television
commercials for pets
shivering in cold..dogs

most are good about
here with theirs
but I remember
seeing cruel owners
and those were fine
looking ordinary looking
people...cept they were
My dog gets baths
ears looked after
brushing..collar adjusted
walks..Dont leave her
outside for long
air conditioning in
summer...teaching her
to sit ...shake a paw..
on the trail I just pick her
up cause she dont get
along well..It was the
easiest thing...set her
down after awhile!
It works!

and people....I visited a
home of the
nicer ones where I come
from...I wont mention
the horrible one..
or the other one for
the products of ...

so.....Yes...U are looked
after and that is good!
I once in a while had to
push people bout in
wheelchairs or push em
home downtown when
the battery on the buggies
died......drove past a woman
in a chair today..she had
a mirror to check her six
Like the spitfire pilots had
the mirror above their
I remember as a kid being
sick a lot....
the pysch stays...catheters
Even normal....I relate to
the losing my mind

even when I have everything
and I dream a lot...
fading in and out from
all the people Ive been
over time..
all the people Ive known
and the few left
I may be still close too...
at least we can type out
our thoughts..

there is nothing like a warm
and fresh sheets
I look after this place
and my own..
girls are capable
but Im down here writing
the machines are there
not rocket science to
be able to help others
But amazing how humanity
is often....
lucky that we have people
helping us
in all forms of the New

Thank U Joe!

Mr Wolf!

I spend my morning in bed with my computer. in the afternoon I ride my chair lift down to the family room and go to my recliner where I either watch movies, or play video games. my knees are both very bad and I have balance problems. so once a day I hold onto the kitchen counter and do exercises which are very hard on me. even though they are simple exercises.

my heart goes out to you, for I know that your existence is much harder than mine, *hugs to you, Joe. and sending you positive energy.

*hugs, Cat

When someone reads your work
And responds, please be courteous
And reply in kind, thanks.

may Christ be with you, Cat


author comment

don't let go
continue in your battle
all about your ability
now know
all the best regards
never say die
and of course
you know why

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