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All it takes is one special poem to capture someone's heart

All it takes is one poem to capture someone's heart. One song to be sung amidst the casualties of war. Outside our streets today people are being filled with hateful gloomy skies. There needs to be one voice. A line being drawn in the sand to make the mends. A tender heart can become a bruised reed by the harsh criticism of some. That's why it's good that the heart be established by grace. The amazing grace that saved a wretch like me. Just one push to put you in the light. Let your life become an opened Hallmark Card in which precious memories can flow ! Light & Love, become a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need. Bask in the ambiance of a bright new day. Search for truth with all your heart cause you have every right to know.


very wise words and advice sent straight from the heart! may joy and peace rule your days and nights.

*always, Cat

When you fling poo, some of the stink sticks to you!

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but every now and then I bring chocolates and flowers...
foot rubs and massages..mostly the ladies...
beer to my man chums!
smoke some weed talk politics
listen to tunes..
the regular party tour!!

some people wont even shake your hand
cause they figure its costing them something..
I worked yard work for rich bastards..
Gold traders to the orient..true true story
white slavers....
the rest u can figure out...
massive coin...
all died one wanted nothing
to do with them...
cept the women and sons daughers
waiting for them to die
and get the collector Lincoln motocycles
and cash...
they paid me cash for the work so I didnt
care...I had to live..
but even bossing me about I could
see what pricks they were...
eventually I just said...
Too busy today..

I worked for a german pharmacist
he as a child remembers them
Bombing Bremerhaven then
a U boat capital
I shovelled white crushed limestone
about a summer camp he bought
to make money and enjoy for
summer retreats...we lived where
the good old bad money had
great times....he loved me
and his fam....break time
gave me pepsi cola...his trophy
wife son liked me....let me
sit in a lawn chair...talked me
up about my questions..
speed boat parked at dock
expensive cars in drive...
wife tanning on reclining chair
relaxed about me..but I was
groomed...not a loon...
not a bug..not a crazed..
I know when Im about the
top brass respectable!
his checks never bounced the locals did...
Man was a chieftan in his

But I saw his dream
knew the lines...

worked for many cultures
and nationalities.

classy and brassy I love
the most...
Loyalty is not bought
its in the soul of the individual
the character of the man
or woman...

is the way!

thank U

Mr Wolf!

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