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When the sun shines
God enters our homes
when knowledgeable folks
read us
God also listens!!!!

Poetry is the only medium
one to the eternal home.....

say it as
if you must first
in self generate
a trust
that whilst living
is a must


We are an evolution of creatures that can think and use all things around us, not withstanding that there is a mystery about our Spiritual side.
We are such that we have to invent something to blame or praise should the mood take us, also somewhere to go should we want, or have to leave.
There are many throughout the ages that have taken humanity and turned it into separate religions according to who they perceive their god to be, controlling many for the continuation of our evolvement.
The ten commandments being a perfect example of this control and the rules of the life of the world.
These rules have held many tribes from the last 4000 years to form into states and countries that have become a stable institution of the earths population.
In this day and age we have forgotten the basic way of survival, substituted by greed and total mismanagement, it is now time to restructure and develop a sustainable system that will benefit man and the survival of its members.
Should have written this yesterday as it was Sunday..
Go well young Bard, Yours as always Ian..
The write needs more Body though..

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

this message is edited to say I appreciate your sentiment, now the painkillers have kicked in.

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man exists since origin of time
no one knows
but evidence has been brought in
man lived over a million years ago
and the commandments
tribes u say applied it for 4000 ???

the meat needs to be cooked or cooked better
Ian ur a great Iron man
of Iron age!
the small bard me

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