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Can't We All Just Get Along ?

Can't We All Just Get Along ?

We need to take a good look from within let me begin
Shattered glass blood stained riots in our street
Some may seem to far way out of reach
Shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plow

There is a stirring in the wind a line being drawn in the sand
Let me be the first willing to understand the man with the plan
In the 70's Joni Mitchell coined the phrase, "We are stardust".
Through vast languages in the essential degree

This should never fall on deaf ears it's my humble plea
The smoke screen is in violation of our trust
In a 21st century world that's in to much of a rush
We push & shove just to get ahead of what

The tear gas blasted makes me want to throw up
Can't we all just get along should become our national theme our song
Yet we choose to hide behind the false hidden garb of compromise
Can't we see through all those shallow lies

The famed Rodney King was right on the money honey
Take a stand by sticking it to the man with the plan
We have come this far not to turn back now
There's no use in hanging your head low by looking back at the plow !

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