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Who Sets The Standard ?

Why is it that some people get away with everything including murder just ask O.J. ? Then there are those in society who strive to meet the mends by becoming a class act citizen helping everybody & they still get stepped on ? Perfection you can forget it will never be attained within the domain of self righteousness intact. Don’t you think there’s a double standard here or maybe I’m reading to deep into things.

No one has a voice anymore all those hero’s and legends we knew as a child are slowly vanishing into clay. Don’t you believe in television or radio says about you they are all filled with lies. Stand up for your beliefs but do it under the garb of love don’t do it to hurt somebody or to bring them down. Just to inflate your own egos. I know somebody is going to call me out on this but its about time I let my voice be heard to the mass populace. Instead of hiding behind the false hidden garb of compromise taking heed to its lies. It used to mean something to hold open the door for your neighbor yet today your in dire search of your next ice cream flavor. We as a society are drifting like a loosened wheel speeding off the track. We need to return to the basics of what truly makes this country great.

Some ponder what there doing with our country’s flag a way to wake up and smell the coffee. But put all your cards on the table we are all in the same cage here. No one is better then anyone else. Love should become the true essence of one’s inner existence. Yes, there are choices just listen to the right voices & we will all be richer for it. Just some inner thoughts by which to ponder or a heavenly call from up yonder.


That's not self-aggrandisement, elitism or ego, we are just definitely not the 'mass populace'.

The belief that an illiterate bronze-age zombie who claimed to be his own father who died for the sins he created by denying self-knowledge can help us improve our behaviour and save our future is the sort of patently stupid superstition that causes most of the problems.

If we evolve and learn socially, without the crutch of faith, the carrot of heaven, the threat of hell and the inherent belief that we are original sinners, then we will truly deserve to survive and be happy.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

You seem to be trying to say something,
but ...

your poetry has potential if you listened to crit and learned.

All your blogs are fatuous stupid crap.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

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