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Who sets the standard anyways ?

You know what I think is great about woman. No, it's not there outer appearance but it's what's inside that really matters. Is she fake, just out for herself paying you no mind ? Some woman are into materialism that it's so hard for the man to ever live up to there perfect standard. Hillary, you see may have a good heart but its really hard to recognize. Further, I like ladies who wear very little make up so you can see the true beauty that is hidden inside. Lastly, all woman are beautiful just some choose not to show it. It's a matter of heart that will show in the long run. Lastly who sets the standard anyways ?


Is there someone in particular that sets society's standard ?

Mario Vitale

author comment

Donatella Versace..Courtney Love..Grimes..Lyyke Li..
Kate Moss..Chelsea Wolfe..Joan of Arc..Coco Chanel..
a few of my personal people I study...
the girls let me watch as they got their make up on
but then I helped was...mend..iron...fold their laundry
clean their tidy...hang out with them
run errands for treats..drinks..
Bought them beers in the wildman bars up here..
Twenty something spinner brunette...five foot
nothing...ex dancer...on a stool while she stood
between my legs leaning in with her Playboy
shirt on...but it was nice...I knew her dad....
Know her...
Know a ton of very brilliant academics too
say Im dangerous but brilliant
but then most people who cut a path
swath generally are...not all about tickets
and trade..papers saying your bright
but capable where it counts..
i like fake women..
long as they look great..
I love clothes...looks
beauty and fashion
they always wanted and asked
me about what too wear
help with their hair
I felt like degas or monet
at the ballet
all that work to the performance
but its worth is
and women appreciate a man
in a good attire..groomed
self assurance thick skin
able to lead
mind ahead like a radar
and directness
most women I know
are very very
direct and liberal

and so it goes..

Like your take on things
and poems
refreshingly modern
with the old school

Thank U!
Mr Wolf!

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