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Keeping it Real

We can each do our part in society. Maybe fix a flat tire for a neighbor or offer a cup of cool water to a stranger. Go to the widow & orphans in their affliction. I’m keeping it real people. Only one life is soon to be passed only what’s done out of love will last. Pray with all of your might maybe write a poem so others can read and enjoy. We each have hidden abilities and talents that we need to be putting into use. To the beggar out on the street destitude for no daily bread. To the laborer in the factory we need to be busy about the fathers business. No one knows the hour or even the day of the savior’s return. But he asks us to be ready. These are the marching orders out of love within my heart to you. Stop all hate and negativity. Choose to put a big smile on your face instead of a frown. Perhaps go to a soup kitchen to volunteer your time. Believe me in time you will see the benefits & blessings flow as long as you have love in your heart. When it comes to music sing or rap on topics that will benefit the soul. Our mindsets need to be focused on a selfless agenda instead of being so selfish. Yet in the end it’s our choice in how we want to proceed out of life. This is from my heart to yours & thoughts by which to ponder.


Keep your sermons for your church.

Listen, you would do yourself as a poet and a human being a favour, and especially your readers a favour if you carefully read all your blogs and poetry and ruthlessly eliminated anything in the second person.

You unsuccessfully tried to disguise it in this by using the word 'we' a few times. You are telling people what to do and even though it seems obvious to you many consider you completely wrong. Smarter people know that to improve peoples behaviour you need to change the conditions that create behaviour.

In short, when people tell me what to do, especially dumb religious people who clearly don't understand history, psychology, philosophy, sociology or political science, I reply-
Fuck off.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

Sorry to have offend anyone I realize this isn't the place for discussing faith topics.
I'm encouraged by Neopoet but it's time to seek elsewhere for my poems.
I have been nothing but down graded every sense I got on this site.
There hasn't ever been a positive moment for me.
It's a good place if you have hard skin to take all those macho men criticism.
This will be my last post I'm through with Neopoet
There is much better sites where they don't torture you to death by being so very critical & mean hearted.
See you later folks !

Mario Vitale

author comment

We can't be anything more than who
we are. I have seen people that were a
bit harsh with you but our advocates stepped
in and helped.
For the most part, you've been treated in a
respectful tone and many of us have tried
to help.
I don't think you should leave, but it is up to

sincerely yours,

Just to let you know I'd like you to keep my account active but I will not be submitting anything anymore as far as poetry. I can't live up to your standard I tried and failed. I tried and failed. Thought this would be a good place to share but I was deceived. I'll learn from my mistakes and take my writings elsewhere. I wish I could be happy I'm just not anymore when it comes to Neopoet. That's how I feel have a nice day.

Mario Vitale

author comment
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