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Poetry In Motion

Words can't express the deep love that I have for poetry.
Personally I choose to write in the free verse style.
With words that can be embraced in touching the human heart.
Some people choose not to use the creative art form respectively that is there choice.
I have learned on Neopoet that I fall short of what I can become as far as a success in writing.
Positive criticism has helped deepen my heart and kept me on the right pathway toward the goal.
I learned that I make many mistakes but I choose to be determined to never relent in my passion.
Lately my form has changed in regards to my writing.
Note that negative criticism does nothing to strengthen one's heart but still you can learn from it.
I'm very appreciative to Neopoet for all of your help as I set out toward poetry in motion.


by the brilliant Stephen Fry. Learning some of the basics of the poetic craft only expands, never inhibits, your ability.
Buy it if you can for constant reference or find in pdf form here.
But buy it. It is an invaluable reference.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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