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Stand Up For Truth

They live among us yet they are really not of us. Let me explain, society today hides behind the false hidden garb of compromise. No one questions anymore perhaps that was so 1964. Instead we settle for a ham on rye when all the while we could have had lobster. Everyone today is struggling for the legal tender. It comes down to choice my friends. Will you choose to be faithful with what God has given you & have a relationship with him. Else join the hate parade that society is representing. Abortion my friend is murder. Don't you realize that a fetus is a living breathing human being inside the mothers womb. Yet were dealt with personal choice when the issue comes up. Todays youth have role models with tombstones in their eyes. While you send the kids off to war zones we call schools. We are one nation under God we stand !


"Don't you realize that a fetus is a living breathing human being". No, they are not breathing.
Don't call me friend when you preach ignorance, superstition and the invasion of women's bodily autonomy.
One nation under which god? Christianity, Islam and Judaism all have the same god of the Ibrahamic tradition yet spend a lot of time killing each other.

To live by a badly translated text written by bronze-age goat-herders is to live in wilful ignorance.

As society and technology grow and evolve so must morality and ethics.

You can express any opinions you like in blogs but don't expect them to go unchallenged by thinking people.

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