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It is imperative as a society that we start to move from a hate mentality onto love.
We could do this with HORSE : Helping Others Realize Satisfaction Exists.
In a world with fast paced computers, food & entertainment.
We need to return to the basics of loving your fellow man hopefully you will understand.
Where as a nation some don't even take pride in our American flag ?
Our ancestors fought to so faithfully uphold this freedom that so many take for granted.
There is lines being drawn in the sand only if we cooperate with the plan.
Reach out to your neighbors living in the highways and byways.
We have a voice let's use it to proclaim peace toward the mass population
In time we shall discover what it is that we are striving to become which is mankind with love not hate.


In time we shall no the freedom that our ancestors fought to so faithfully preserve.

Mario Vitale

author comment

Many things to ponder in your words, remember that nations come and go in their supremacy,
Here in the UK we have had many hundreds of years being a task master I wonder how the world will see us in another thousand years .
Oh that little Island off of Europe that ruled most of the known world, hope we aren't too badly thought of,
There have been some bad clowns in charge over the years and it tarnished a great belief in man, so we were forced to let it go, there in the setting sun a glimpse of things left undone.
We are lucky that in our last struggles as a world power we defeated some of the worse systems ever seen on earth.
There is a long way to go before we can be satisfied with the world, just greed gets in the way and the religions of the world must modify their look at mankind.
I am 74v now and am glad I lived in this time, I do hope your ways will be as good.
Unconditional love to you all and see you all on the other side, just ask for Sadie and Granddad, the cave will be serving the drinks you think for,
Love to all, Yours Ian..

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

fourteen hundreds..the trickle forth
Central South America was organized
a system thriving...Mexico..Peru
spanish just had a system
they brought germ warfare
something new that enticed
the set patterns
the balance off
If no one challenged any system
and it thrived where would it be..
Germany was the creative intelligent
hub....but so was asia long before
the mid east...
turmoil turned the soil and treasures
and secrets beneath the soil
dust to dust

America from 1850 to 1950 was the
boom....then the bust
economic famine
the rich got rich like all throughout
history and the poor got poorer
the new slave production moved
offshore and our container ships
are our new clipper ships
oil produced goods
synthetic drug patents....gene patents
mass production of plant and animal

but nature waits patient...God brings
the cleansing tides
for the prurient weakness

potato famine..
reduction of slave trade
by powerful intelligencia
most of our cotton comes
from once again the old
spice trade
in exchange for military
hardware and radar..
surveillance technologies
and always the great
expanse of lands that
devour energy in fuel
to maintain the systems
by pure observation alone
and we plow up our agri
lands for housing

poison the waters for
pleasure then sustenance
and even that is tainted
for run off via fertizers for
fast production of succulent
pepper...fruit trees
the ocean is salt....
The Sultan Sea
The Aral Sea
the Great Lakes
are deluged with run off
Potato famine
When America was
blown open...
cultivated with humans
willing to escape tyranny
find gold...copper....silver
in mountian west they came
the then already established
cities accepted those who
were more then willing
to either take a pick or a shiv
or revolver to make a living
while out west the last hold
outs who saw the modern invaders
coming organized...Sitting Bull
Crazy Horse Geronimo...Poundmaker
no different then the new leaders
of the next years...Lucky Luciano
one of my Faves....
and others...
they gave their lives for the future
of their systems
Hero's If U like!!

I believe in our country
still....Canada where I live
and America where my
ancestors came from
along with North Euro
scotland...etc...Im Native
as they come..but with
Grey European Eyes!
worked for tons of systems
and am loyal
and I work...still pick up garbage
hold doors..hand out smokes
and my last two dollars
as It was paid ahead too me...

I have compassion
not hate.....

excellent thoughts
to a fading Old School value

Mr Wolf!

after Rome they were more into the arts..creativity...
Rome gave us the Senate..but the Greeks gave us
culture...and they were reduced..reclaimed...rebuilt
reduced...reclaimed..rebuilt more then any culture
including todays financial crippling....such is the life
of any islander or coastal town....ask the east coasters
whom are my chums here in Ontario...
and Greeks!

a Fine people...On the road I worked for top Greek
old families in the end of the reign
I cleaned.painted..maintained an agin Motel now
housing unit place and other...
Knew a solder from the world war two in a scooter
who cried about the destruction of a village by
the germans....being native and my father who
was western...the slaughter of people was fresh
in my blood! I sat with a Macedonian the Greeks
adopted on the step of his room listening to
traditional music while he cried for his homeland
He was a sheperd and a man of work ...
and I worked hard post twenty three in my life...
chosing labour over the fruits of crime....
I starved....suffered...and I watched those
making blood money buy cars chicks..
never holding much for long

not knocking it....U make a choice
I made mine
Im hurting now
but my soul is freer
and I would rather have good
friends then a rabble of those
that at first sign of trouble will
throw U under the bus for good!

excellent work!

thank U!

It's been on the forefront for many people
throughout the ages, but war wins out when
it rages through. Has to, we all need/strive
to survive and there has always been those
that aren't satisfied, want more and are willing
to kill for it.
Love, I would much rather the world stop killing
each other, stop spending all the money on tech
to kill the next man, spend it feeding, clothing and
housing each and every person.
Our flag, do you remember after 9-11, there was
a period when there was a flag flying on damn near
every car on the road. Then we were tricked, lied to
or non-intentionally misled, however you may see it,
into a war we had no business in. Spending lives of
our young for what? For how long?
People have reasons to mistrust the government, but
I believe we are all very much still "Americans".

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