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Neopoet provides a format to be voiced by the poet

Each of us has been given a special gift in life.
Part of being human is we make mistakes.
Yet we don't let the mistakes dictate the path that we are to tread upon
Neopoet provides a format to be voiced by the poet in a very positive way.
It allows growth in the character for the true writer at hand.
Having written so far several poems on their site
I'm forever humbled to be connected to such a venue with talent to abound.

Thank you for the unique opportunity to convey my work to the mass populace
Exquisite taste permeates through the lens of this on site opportunity.
Talent can't be compromised but shown to everyone who loves and embraces the true art of writing.
Lastly critical insight is achieved by listening attentively to the positive feedback we receive from our writings.

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