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A Society In Search Of Love

A restless soul out on the street tonight searching for another high. The wanderer who begs for mercy at the feet of Jesus. Fought back the inner pain from within. It's going on all around us people in search of love. The officer out on the field of battle is frightened inside yet burys his feelings in the sand. Yes, God has a wonderful plan for those few hearts willing to accept his message. We can cover our eyes by blinding our true intentions. Yet there it is in the distance a glimmer of light a beacon of hope to a hurting world in need of love. Stop listening to the toxic people in our society instead hear the small still voice from Jesus. As one voice screams for your attention the other humbly beckons your true heart concern. Let's listen before we act out of impulse. To the pitter patter of soft sandeled feet out to rescue you from certain danger.

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