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More then ever I personally believe we need to form a TEAM where together everyone accomplishes much. Further, if we had implanted chips in our hand big brother could monitor our every move ? Yet why should we use that type of form or method of communication. In our society we have constructed pyramids to honor our specific idol or vice. Whether it's in the social media, arts or sciences. We need a change of heart to light the inner spark of what we are looking for. Strong words from the average novice who has no intention in reaching out toward others. If we as a TEAM can pull together in our soul purpose to achieve a positive outcome we will all be the better for it. Just a simple thought by which to ponder perhaps a heavenly call from up a yonder ?


Let us not be ashamed in achieving our purpose of spreading the good news of the creative arts.

Mario Vitale

author comment

or Partisan!
as a child we were taught the Vietnamese...(North threw themselves under
the wheels of mortars winched up hills like wagon trains of the american west)
to save the gun...(parents were anti war.many friends went to fight tyranny never
to return or maimed emotionally physically) Cultures that enjoyed arts..traded
and shared were eventuallly over run by the stronger invaders who turned farm
mine fish..mineral profits to silver coffers and Effigies to Gods...
Dublin...Viking stronghold...they came for the silver from the monks.. Spain to
the south...My ancestors the american west for mining rights..Land to different then
germans invading poland....but the Slavs pushed as they are now....American interests in
the East as the UK did with Knights Templar until October 13th....Ogliarch system reduced..
"Only the strong survive" My motto was why build anything good to be degraded by insolence and neglect....for greed and power.....I was maintenance! protection....order...I worked maintenance......a yard man....installer of basic systems and upkeep....a village is run by each taking time to be courteous and helpful to all individuals....We are all human..."Trouble is not good for business" an old motto I learned by my work as Driver..confidante worker like a "soldier" ant in the colony...not by birth but by "adoption" creative arts is the mind questioning and challenging always dangerous pursuit....but constructive! Most thought provoking!

Thank U Mr Vitale!

Mr Esker!

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