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Who Criticizes The Critic ?

The critic is the frustrated wannabe who picks at others to compensate for his insecurities and to boost his delusions of grandeur. Most are moderately adequate poets at best and find it pleasurable to take it out on those who have some talent....Leave them on the "ignore" shelf.

never once in my journey through poetry
have I ever bowed the knee to criticize another
if anything I send a message of praise
but critics take it upon themselves
to point out your grammatical errors
as though they are there to help
yet can't even help themselves


Unless, perhaps, you see critics as different than people who give critique.

I like to think that I am both a good poet and a good critic/critique-giver. It's literally my job as a tutor to help people with their writing and I couldn't do it if I was a bad writer, like you suggest. I make a living helping people with their writing and they don't get upset like this in the real world.

Yes, harsh critics are usually being excessively harsh for no good reason, but people who give constructive criticism/feedback, actually do care and actually know what they are talking about rather often. Sometimes the attitude is unfounded and comes from a place of frustration, but the idea to improve is totally justified. It's all literally just suggestions. You don't have to take the advice. But being upset when someone gives you advice isn't normal. In the real world, people learn and grow through advice all the time.

Take an apprentice at a factory or in a blacksmith's forge. If the other employees (not even the boss or master blacksmith) warned them not to get too close to the dangerous machinery and to try to wear thick gloves so they don't get burned, would the apprentice say "well they're just adequate employees, so I don't have to listen to you"? No. Because then they would get burned or chop a finger off.

I don't know why poets throughout the centuries have thought themselves exempt from this type of interaction. Alexander Pope wrote "Essay on Criticism" expressing the same disdain as you have in 1711 and he wasn't the first. If you man up and realize that growth is a good thing and that you aren't already perfect and we all need help to learn (what would be the point of school if we could all do it by ourselves) then you'll have a much better experience as a poet. It doesn't have to be upsetting to get a critique or criticism if you appreciate growth.


Advocates Coordinator

Critique, don't comment.

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I have no delusions of grandeur. I literally hate myself most days and wanted to die in high school. Didn't have the guts to commit suicide, though. Coming to Neopoet and helping others through critique gave me a reason to live.


Advocates Coordinator

Critique, don't comment.

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You know Some critics actually Are trying to help you know.

I'm not sure why you react to a critical
review by writing a blog about it. Why not
just address the issue, tell this person in
public what you think of their ability to critique
your work ? ... It's almost as if you think everything
you write is set in stone and no improvements are
neccesary ... is that what you think?

please read this blog;

A critique must teach you ultimately...
in improving your poetry/art /work

It is not necessary
for a critique too say
you are a
self praise
pulling ones skirt up
like a gal
come ''read'' me
like an open book

This is base not criticism Kelsey
do you agree

The critique must give suggestions and views
how to improve the poem/work
Some writers are trained but not born
whereas Poets are born not trained.

See what Nobel Pablo had to say
If it does not come to you naturally
don't pretend
and so on that you are a poet etc
Hope I have conveyed the message
in its right perspective.
All arrtists want to be read and praised
as a painter and or a singer

What is so extraordinary about art
if it is not appreciated.....
the artist dies within himself
when no one pats his back,
but you say
edit this ...add a comma there etc
then see
the poet will fall in front of you flat.

Depends on the critic. If its someone who critiques because they love the art they’re critiquing then no Im not gonna give them hell. If they’re doing it to bully and make themselves feel better than yes I will

Mario Vitale

author comment

I do totally agree, but the important question is this: are you being bullied here? That is not the purpose of Neopoet, but Neopoet is a workshop and people should be giving you suggestions and feedback on your poetry.

In the past I saw users sending you totally inappropriate, bullying comments and I put a stop to it. The person didn't like being told they were not respecting the workshop community and that they were abusing guidelines so they left. If you believe you are still being bullied, please PM me and let's talk and work on a solution (Top menu --> Tools --> Messages --> +Write New Message --> To: Swamp-Witch)

Neopoet is not about bullying or even excessive praise. If anything, Neopoet mostly has excessive praise, but it comes from a good place. People don't know what to add/suggest, so they just encourage, which is perfectly okay. Neopoet is about growth, though, and bullying doesn't create growth. Bullies think it will get them what they want. They think they can rile a response out of the person they bully, but that is not what critique is about.


Advocates Coordinator

Critique, don't comment.

To see our learning resources, click the "Curated Resources" link under the Resources tab in the top menu bar.

address to you in person above Kelsey

You may have a re-look kindly


because his sycophancy doesn't work on me.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

I can sympathize with critics because I do believe that good poetry should follow a very particular form and stick the rules, and that people who simply write down thoughts without any sort of attention to details or appreciation for the art form want to call themselves poets without putting in the work or dedication to be such. That being said, I do know that all art is subjective and does not follow any single set of rules or regulations. Different art speaks to different souls, and writing freeverse doesn't make someone a bad poet or not a poet at all for that matter. For instance who am I, some random nobody in 2017 to tell someone like Walt Whitman, one of the best poets of modern time and a practitioner of freeverse, that he isn't a true poet? This is the most I've put into a comment on here in a while, so I'd say this piece certainly got me thinking

Mario Vitale

author comment
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