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My Golden Nugget Of Thought's Others Have Their Own View

We can stand idle alone as a writer and wonder is there more to this experience of the creative arts. Else we can dig in with two feet pick up the pieces that we have fallen in our frailties.
In order to discover a pathway of crystal clear resolution beyond what we are able to even grasp or thin about. Each of us has to discover this unique venture by themselves. Just as I can't write when I'm deeply hurt or saddened.
Initial the emphasis needs to be in the moment in order to grasp true specific meaning of truth in your art. Everyone is different and we are at varied levels of creative thought. Lastly we need to be bond together for true excellence in your craft can exist. There is no such thing as a lone ranger type writer even though some may try it. No, we need each other to gain true rich perspectives as if golden nuggets of thought. Thank you kindly, Poet Mario William Vitale

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