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My Collection Of Haiku (from older posts)

a moment captured
in gentle eloquence
the poet smiles

ah ha! says the monk
the poet bows gracefully
hiding a sly smile

birds sing, children play
a monk does chores in silence
what does he not know

"sweet dreams" she purrs
I roll over and tremble
thoughts of losing her

dime store lovers
a bin of trinkets
gifts to be treasured

even in unveiled sadness
her beauty incites tears
I cry twice

a confirmed recluse
his own shadow annoys him
tooooooo louddddd

clean fresh buddha minds
stainless saffron robes
my laundro-mat stinks

what does one say now
rhyming poetry is hard
this ends with "orange"

sentience rekindled
eyes are brightened, heart is thawed
smiles from a daughter

ingenue whore
sultry as a pro
cold mimicked love

the poet is lost
cries for help in metaphor
none come to his aid

true to her calling
crafting the perfect blank stare
life as a bimbo

bad english, sometimes
charming more, often than not
not so much I mean

old monk
spouts ancient wisdom
a burst of laughter

augest moon sparkles
sleepy mind in half-dream
butterflies sip tea

cornfield billows
tossing tresses nonchalant
a silky wind

shiney umbellas
drip slicked-back rainbow puddles
in shades, neon

spare room memories
clusters of junk, love-nesting

a bird extends wings
flight happens, naturally
I must try, flap flop

insight distilled
from vats to vial potent
pocket poems

frog in a pond
so what! I'd rather be in

from stale darkness,
a wellspring of bubbling light
fresh dreams are drawn

green gecko dragon
under gentle falling rain
dancing on bamboo

tall trees graze the sky
nibbling sunshine, dribbling
dappled bits of shade

lovers and poets
hunch over the bottomless
well of heartache

blue swells of sadness
gliding atop a smooth groove
she knows it by heart

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