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That Guy (Almost Holding His Own)

yeah!, I went to school
what the hell you mean
asking me that?
I went
just like everyone else
well, not all the time
but sometimes enough
to say "yeah! I went to school"
you think I can't read?
or something?
I don't read
but I can
they made us do that
don't you remember
or maybe,
you didn't go to school


Few of us are happy in school. School doesn't foster learning. Which includes rational thought, how to think rationally, to form one's own opinion based on analysis and experiment. To live with great gusto and cherish one's life.

That should be the curriculum of every school, appropriate for the age. But yeah, I did go to school. Life's school.

An *educational* poem, dear Albert.


Went to school just like you didn't either ? LMAO. Very enjoyable read............scribbler

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