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Truth be Told

I recount a story
to one, it sounds one way
I tell it to another
it is somehow different

no lies
no decptions intended
it just come out the way it does

I'm sure the person i'm telling
-his character
our relationship-
has somthing to do with it

yet, this does not account for
all the discrepancies
or inconsistancies

-how it is colored
-language style used
-my attitude
- emotional state at the time of telling-
these all effect, and affect
the Gestalt response

can the truth ever be told?

"the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth"

not in my case
and I have never run across an example
in my lifetime

c'est la vie!
it's all good!
let it be!
what can I say!
that's the name of that tune!
and that's all she wrote!

I'm out of here

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