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Pre & Post

An open field,
a young boy's joy:
chasing fly balls and frisbees,
stumbling in the grass,
carefree as a warm summer breeze.

I remember;
...before girls stole the spotlight.

The psychological shift from obliviousness
to excruciating self awareness
was as sudden as a slap in the face.

Wow! was I a mess!

I couldn't stop thinking about the girls
The cute ones, the pretty ones, the beautiful, and gorgeous ones,
all giggly and wiggly, and the boobs! My god, why was I such a mess.

Puberty seemed a curse.
From the first inklings of desire to
healthy self esteem felt like...forever.

Now, elderly and a widower ( and still a bit of a mess)
I stroll once again through open fields;
me and an old dog called Lupino.

We wander...
Carefree as a warm summer breeze


I think we all remain a mess throughout life. We just learn to hide it a bit better lol.......stan

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