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That Guy ( squeamish 'bout love )

romanticism? in the rawest, general sense?
Yeah!, it's alright
but slurppy, sappy stuff,
personal psycho-extravagence,
at best, bores me
I know these romance flicks,
songs, and poems, whatever
they're not goin' away
I say let 'em be
not my cup of tea
that's all
its just, they sometimes creep me out
not the attitudes, emotions,
or the expession of 'em
it's in the public display
that's where the creepiness comes in
if you go romantic on us
do it up BIG
adventure, excitement
lust for life
not just that "poor, poor pitiful me
I'm so sad when your gone
no one here to slurp on and on,

...thrill us!

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