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Pouting Poets

contrary to common belief
poets are not
sad overly sensitive high strung creatures,
but rather quite hard, and raw, and real

facing head on:

the pitiful
the loathsome
the wicked
the sordid
as well as the
the exquisite
the inexplicable
and phantasmagoric

tough guys, (and the broads too)
taking heat
for opinions
anathema to
any and all
prevailing tides

Kerouac, Bukowski
Whitman, or Tapper.
they ain't no push-overs,

and don't forget the rappers

I guess there are some good
pouting poets
mumbling about

...walking in the rain, sullen, and all that

but I do know for certain
that they are not the
monumental breed

long live the iconoclasts


Like that you put us lowly scribblers so high on the pedestals lol. Maybe some CAN live up to this poem..........stan

I posted this as a blog because so many of my pieces are so close to prose (they just look like poetry)
and this seemed a little too close to that line...but I guess it could still be called a poem. now that I can reflect on the proposition.

Oh! I can envision monuments to "Stan, The Woodland Poet", but as happens to many, probably well after you're around to enjoy them.
just another of the great injustices of life!


author comment

Love this ... no suggestions, just a
tip o the hat.

very much appreciated.

I miss seeing more of your work
you are always interesting and fun to read


author comment

That's high company you put me in, mate.
But what you say is true, the sensitive ones tend to be snowflakes under the blowtorch of scrutiny.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

Now you'll need to grow some more hair to cover an acute case of swollen head
or buy a new hat.

Just saying, I admire your stuff, your spunk, and your gruff



author comment

and I absolutely love it.
Well said that man.

Remember we are a workshop site.
Don't forget to offer critique on poems you read.

and I am absolutely delighted
thank you Jane


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