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Money talks hears listens give glory to greed put need to shame

The death of our boys and girls
Attending campuses to get an education
Gets gunned down by the ones seeking to protect gun rights
The right to purchase as much guns and ammo as you can afford
While illegal street guns get blame for it all.

Illegal street gun owners been committing neighborhood crimes for decades
Now the thankless with all the opportunities served up on a silver platter
Looks for retribution in the bodies of the innocent riddled with bullets
Studying to build a ladder to their piece of the American pie
In a cold hearted world where money talks, hears, listens only to greed.

These mass killers don't live on our streets
Nor do they live in our hoods and ghettos
They come from families with moral standards
Working hard to give their children a better life
In a dying world fill with corruption and obstruction.

Money talks, hears, listens to that which it wants
Give glory to greed put need to shame.

The old west is back
Everyone who wants a gun got a gun
The vigilantes takes control of blatant criminals
Who terrorize ppl in broad daylight
Slips away from media highlight.

Then we have those not so much, vigilante
Giving stand your ground a whole new meaning
Killing unarmed ppl without true reasoning
No justice for Trayvon
Cold hearts of stone makes light of his life.

In godly devotion this world is fast passing away
The things in it will be worthless
Those having hope toward god's promises
Of a better world under a righteous government
Endures to the end, get saved.

Ungodly devotion to each his own
A way of life their choosing
In a world of corruption and obstruction
Just remember money talks, hears, listens to whom it wanted
Give glory to greed put need to shame.

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