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C# Programming

taking a break from programming
its lots of fun to write programs
once i learned how to
i wrote a really good invoice
submitted to instructor tonight

now that i have written a blog and a poem tonight
i will return to write codes for window 7 in C#
gotta love it to stick with it, because
i'm finally understanding
logic of codes

not an easy task,
rather challenging i must admit, but
fun none the less
to be in the top of my class
with one certificate in End User Support
and certificate in Computer Specialist around the bend of 2012


I could never even grasp Basic, I'm too impulsive and imprecise.

Now if programming followed meter I might to better [grins]

Congratulations on your achievements.

Neopoet Directors

i appreciate your encouragement. getting here was not easy
it took seven years to get to this point.

thanks for being a friend
I don't know if i would still be here at Neopoet if you had not talk to me about how and what to write and the ifel tower. hehee

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